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to the 49ers game and can't talk about them. >> peyton manning has one super bowl tight toll his name. denver hosting baltimore. division playoffs. the ravens are flying high early and late. 12 degrees in denver. luckily the broncos special team had his back. holliday on the ravens first punt. finds the hole. see ya. longest in nfl playoff history. 7-0 broncos. after a pass tied the game, mannings' first drive ended in a touchdown intersection. 39 yards the other way, bam, 14-7 ravens. manning responds, and this one to moreno. back on top. less than a minute to go in the half. flacco, look at this catch. ties the game at 21. at halftime. but the broncos get the opening kickoff in the second half and guess who. trendon holliday fines another seam and he is going. first player to score a punt and a kickoff return in a game. 28-21 bronc broncos. manning a great game. 290 yards, three t.d.s, this one to thompson. finds -- 40 seconds to go last chance for the ravens. flacco to jones. are you kidding me? 70-yard for the touchdown. 35 all. we head to overtime. 14 minutes into the first ove
victory that's really caught fire. losing quarterback peyton manning waiting in the empty ravens locker room to talk to ray lewis. we don't know what the two legends say to one another, but lewis did talk about reporters, about how he feels about manning. >> there's so much respect that i have for payton, you know, him and his wife was outside waiting on me now because of how great a friends we became through the years. and to extend it now, you know, to know whenever the road stops, you know, that it won't be the end, it is just a new beginning. but to do it like this, to do it for my teammates, to do it for my children, who are my greatest inspiration and then to do it for my city there,'s no other reason you do it. >> aaron is the nfl analyst. he's so emotional. i hope he makes it through okay. he has one last game. well, maybe more than one. right? >> it could possibly be the last game. i mean the patriots are favorites, heavy favorites. it's kind of surprising as these two teams did meet last year in this game in the afc championship game and people may forget the ravens played ver
it will play out. saturday the games the ravens into subzero denver or subfreezing denver, where peyton manning 0-3 in play-off games where the temperature is below 40 degrees. it will be 20s with some snow. san francisco will be playing the green bay packers and then on sunday seahawks travel to atlanta to take on the nfc top-seeded falcons, and also houston looking to avenge an earlier loss to the new england patriots. >> any predictions? >> i think that peyton manning will be fine in this ravens game. he's the best in quarterbacks in the nfl., all your news. >> thanks, vince. we appreciate it. >>> the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right now. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom" -- >>> at this hour afghan president hamid karzai heads to the white house with a face-to-face meeting with president obama and the u.s. role in afghanistan's future. >>> he won 1le had million playing the lottery, but the lucky man turns up dead from cyanide poising and now we're learning about a family feud and what might help police solve the mystery of who killed him. >>> his
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)